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 COMPANY :  Bangkok Industrial Laminate Co.,Ltd.

 180 Moo 7 , Gateway Industrial Estate General Industrial Zone ,
 Huasamrong Plangyao District , Chachoengsao 24190 , Thailand
 Tel. (66) 38575027-31 Fax. (66) 38575032

 CATEGORY :  Electrodeposit Copper Foil
 PRODUCTION POWER :  2,000 Ton./Year.

      Established in September 1994 in Gateway Industrial Estate, Chachoengsao with BOI promotional privileges, Bangkok Industrial Laminate Co.,Ltd. has become a leading manufacturer of copper foil in the kingdom. Since its inception, the company has consistently adhered to a long-standing quality policy to “strive to develop, produce good-quality products, deliver on time and satisfy customer”. Such a commitment has enabled the company to grow and develop over the years.

      Backed by our advanced technology, comprising a clean room, state-of the art machinery and well-equipped research labvoratory, the company is capable of developing its own process to produce copper foil to perfection. A selected group of highly trained professionals who are totally committed to excellence, persistently go to great lengths to further upgrade quality and strive to ensur that every customer is satisfied.

      Today, the company basks in its reputation as a leading manufacturer in Thailand’s copper foil industry, maintaining a production capacity of 2,000 tonnes per year.

      “ Bangkok industrial Laminate, Co.,Ltd. is committed to producing copper foil which offers the best value to customers in terms of quality and service. The company strives to operate with the highest production efficiency, while ensuring that environmental measures are strictly adhaered to. The company also dedicates itself to customer satisfaction, and provides a product that enhances the quality of life of its end-users.”

      For Bangkok Industrial Laminate Co.,Ltd. quality has always been an integral part of its operations. Operational parameters, in coming quality control and scheduled sample checks, and administrated on all relevant products on a regular basis subject to the company’s stringent QA and IPC-MF-150F requirements. Collaborations between purchasing, R&D, production, QA and sales, enable the company to keep abreast of the customer’s needs.

      Bangkok Industrial Laminate Co.,Ltd. strongly believes that its job is never finished until its customers ard fully satisfied with its products, services and technical support. Therefore, the company is consistently committed to maintaining its reputation of providing first-class products as well as impeccable services. Backed by the ISO 9001 quality management standards, the company is now more than ready to go unwaveringly to meet all the challenges of the future.
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